Tuesday, October 25, 2011

photo contest!

its time for another photo contest at tangerinebaby!  here are the rules:

1.  starting now until next Wednesday {November 2} at noon submit 1 photo of your little one in anything tangerine.baby to tangerinebaby.com@gmail.com

2.  you can submit multiple photos for multiple tbaby's in the house but only 1 photo per kiddo

3.  on Thursday {November 3} i will upload them to an album on facebook

4.  there will be 2 winners...the first winner {with the most 'likes'} will get a free custom spot good for either a diaper, dress, undies...etc!  and the second winner {chosen by random from random.org}  will win a $10 discount code and a stalk free pass!  your photo will be uploaded to the album randomly so the number assigned will be where you are in the gallery.

5.  the contest will run until Monday {November 7} at noon and i will announce the winners shortly after.

Remember to respect your photographer and use the copyrighted image with their logo on it if you are submitting a professional photo.  Other than that have fun, snap some good shots before the weather turns bad and I can't wait to see them!

Thanks so much for supporting me and all the work I do.  I love seeing action photos!

Regan <3

Friday, October 7, 2011

SYOF group custom information

SYOF group spots:

general information:

  • your group may consist of 5-10ppl no more and no less to be considered in the large group drawing
  • your group may consist of 3-4ppl no more and no less to be considered a small group
  • it is not necessary to have your fabric on hand but I must receive shipping confirmation for the fabric within 2 business days.  
  • each diaper will be $25 plus normal shipping and if your team has been chosen i will create a private listing on hyena cart and every member must checkout with their purchase within 12hrs of getting notification that its up.  
  • i will use random.org to draw 1 large team a month
  • i will use random.org to draw 2 small teams a month and in addition to these i will also stock a mini group spot every other week 

how to enter your team/cast ballot:

  • on the first of every month at 12pm EST i will open up a thread on my main facebook page wall {not in the b/s/t group} and it will stay open until 8pm EST of the same day.  any ballots cast after 8pm will not be included.  
  • BEFORE the team leader enters a ballot for their team they MUST email me their google doc with all information filled out completely and correctly to tangerinebaby.com@gmail.com
    • that email should have in the heading {TEAM NAME} 
  • team leaders will then enter their team by casting a ballot but they are NOT allowed any extra ballots.  that entry looks like this 
    • {team leader entry for team stripes} 
  • those participating in the groups may then cast ONLY 1 ballot.  if you are on multiple teams presumably you would enter for the fabric you'd most like to win.  your entry should look like this
    • {team stripes}  
team formation/rules and information needed:  {effective for march's group customs}
  • you may only be the team leader of 1 large group and 1 small group and may join only 1 other large group but you may join as many small groups as you like but remember you still only cast 1 ballot 
  • the month prior i will also be creating a document and photo album in the b/s/t group where you may choose to enter your team or photo of the fabric your interested in.  this will help to keep the wall from moving too fast and things staying more organized.  it will also allow for easier access to if teams have open spots or not.  this is NOT necessary, if you are organized and ready to go, don't need help with fills in your group then don't worry about adding your information.  
  • you must use google docs to form your group with this information
    • title of your team
    • team leader name
    •  Name/ velour choice {or microchamois/fleece}/ foldover rise {yes or no}/turned or serged  {i will choose snap color/s}

estimates of how many diapers i can get per yard:

Some knits are wider than others  so for these numbers to work the fabric must be around 54in wide {a woven is appx 45in wide before prewashing}.  all excess fabric becomes property of tangerinebaby.  

  • Woven {NON directional} 3 diapers per yard
  • Woven {directional: meaning the print can only go 1 way} 2 diapers per yard
  • Knit {NON directional} 4 diapers per yard
  • Knit {directional: meaning the print can only go 1 way} 3 diapers per yard

For all this to work it is important you have organized your group and be ready to go.  I will communicate only with the group leader so if you need to edit something you must contact her and have her get in touch with me.  This will help things to run smoothly and efficiently.

I'm really like working with groups and i want to keep doing so its important that while I can't monitor everything we all play fair :)  I'm really thankful and happy that you love your tangerine.baby goods!