Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Items!!

I have been working on some new things lately and I think that they are just the cutest things in the world!

The first is a cute cape that's perfect for fall or winter.  It's really great because you don't have to take off your little one's jacket when you put them in the carseat and it gives them some extra warmth in the car if needed.  Its 1 layer of light/medium weight wool and 1 layer of cotton woven fabric.  It could definitely be reversible too if you wanted to show off the fun print on the inside!  I'm going to open up customs on this in sizes 2/3, 4/5 & 6/7....  contact me through my etsy site if your interested!

Second is a sleeper set just for babies!  I will be making some of these to stock in the store and will open it up for some custom slots too.  The size I made is a small and probably wouldn't fit the tiniest of newborns so it has room for growth!   I can make these from preemie size all the way up to around 12mo (if you could get your 1yr old to wear one!)  same with the cape contact me through my etsy site if your interested in getting on the custom list!

  I do have some other cute things in the some play dresses and rompers...and don't worry I'm expanding into things for boys too!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

custom madness!

i've been super busy in the sewing room mostly working on customs for my awesome is a preview of just a few of the dresses that i've made in the last week :)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Facebook/Blog fan discount!!

From now until Friday at noon get 20% off anything instock at the store!!!  Just mention that your a fan in your order details and I'll refund you asap...Happy Shopping :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

my shop is open!

i'll be doing some giveaways through the week so stay tuned!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

some previews for monday...

just a little taste of some things i've made this week in preparation for the stocking on monday...more details on the sizes to come in the listings on monday :)

this tiny little beauty is 6mo + but could fit smaller :)

work in progress...still needs straps but its around a 18mo+

another apron dress...owl themed... 2T/3T+

a mini version of the apron one of my favorite hard to find baby nay fabrics.... size 18mo+
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Monday, August 16, 2010

facebook page/etsy shop links

oops! here you go :)



there isn't much going on there right now but there will be very soon!

my blog is changing names!

i'm taking the plunge and opening up my new etsy shop! super cute things for you and your little lady...and some things for the boys too :) my new shop will be called: tangerine. why? i don't know just kinda like them... a lot! here's a link to my etsy shop and facebook fan page. the best part is i'm going to be giving a way a few of my dresses to get them out there! promise they are super cute :) follow me by next week because my open date is set for next monday..august 23. the giveaways will start the same day and last for a couple days but i'll have all that info soon!

i hope you heart tangerine as much as i love creating the things i put there!

hugs...regan :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

the babysitter....

its just so cute with the matching accessories!

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dress...for a teenager!

i had a special request from the most awesome babysitter a girl could ask for...a cute summer dress! it turned out much better than i expected and will be making one for me soon...once i get my serger to stop acting up!

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

reversible swing dress..

love it! this version is much nicer than my last one. the lines are cleaner and much more professional looking :)

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some skully love

i plan on getting some tshirts and embellishing some extra fabric to match. a sweet girl/boy combo! the skirt can also be a top/dress for a younger baby. its so stretchy :) i'm considering adding some removeable straps!

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pillowcase dress

still working on a pattern that i love but these didn't turn out too bad. they are a little on the baggy/wide side but this fabric more than makes up for it! I'm considering adding some elastic thread to make them tighter at the top. i'll have to update them when i do!

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butterfly yoga mat bag

i have a few of these just laying around the house that i made. i changed up the top on all of them to have an elastic top because after my tester gave me her honest review it was that the ribbon kept coming out. i like this better and its not difficult!

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kitty cat dress

I made this dress weeks ago so that Annabel could wear this to a portrait party but the first got cancelled and then the second was just too cold. There is a good chance this will be heading to my Etsy store as well. I just love it too much to put on her and want it to get the proper loving :) I'm thinking about making a coordinating pair of bloomers to go with it!

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I big puffy heart this fabric! Its from the Joel Dewberry Ginseng Collection. This one eventually will go in my Etsy store if I can keep it around long enough :)

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Some Tie Shirts

I've had some lucky fellows have some birthdays lately so I used up some of my scraps to make some really cute tie appliqued shirts/onesies. Its the easiest thing and so adorable! I drafted a pattern and used a different length for the shirt and the onesie. The onesie being shorter because it's going to be tucked in a pair of pants. I hope to get these sent out tomorrow! Enjoy :)

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kelly's patchwork bag...

This was so fun to make! I think it turned out pretty good too. No pattern for this one just started cutting squares and sewing! The last picture is the inside. My friend picked out her fabrics and I wanted to incorporate all of them...even if some were on the inside. It could be reversed though if she wanted. If I wasn't so busy I'd make one for myself too. I just love these colors!

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