Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Items!!

I have been working on some new things lately and I think that they are just the cutest things in the world!

The first is a cute cape that's perfect for fall or winter.  It's really great because you don't have to take off your little one's jacket when you put them in the carseat and it gives them some extra warmth in the car if needed.  Its 1 layer of light/medium weight wool and 1 layer of cotton woven fabric.  It could definitely be reversible too if you wanted to show off the fun print on the inside!  I'm going to open up customs on this in sizes 2/3, 4/5 & 6/7....  contact me through my etsy site if your interested!

Second is a sleeper set just for babies!  I will be making some of these to stock in the store and will open it up for some custom slots too.  The size I made is a small and probably wouldn't fit the tiniest of newborns so it has room for growth!   I can make these from preemie size all the way up to around 12mo (if you could get your 1yr old to wear one!)  same with the cape contact me through my etsy site if your interested in getting on the custom list!

  I do have some other cute things in the some play dresses and rompers...and don't worry I'm expanding into things for boys too!

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