Thursday, March 4, 2010

ruffles and skirts...

The other day I decided I wanted to make a skirt for A. Now the first attempt was awful...I cut the fabric wrong because I don't really work from patterns and it was just wrong to say the least. Well after that failed I had a better vision on how to cut the fabric to make it look like a skirt and not some weird 'mom made my clothes with glue and scissors'! Then yesterday Kestlyn (her button is on my blog. go check her out!) made a post about a ruffles contest. I big puffy heart love ruffles and had up until yesterday night zero clue on how to make them. After some trial and error it wasn't very hard at all! Now don't look to close my stitching is pretty wonky on the ruffles but give me a break...its my first time!
I really like how this turned out though. Its a bit too ALine for the cloth diapered bum but it will fit her for awhile...bareing she'll wear it! I'll get some action shots when the lady wakes up from her nap but I really didn't use hardly any fabric. Its just 3 fat quarters (and I still have a bit left to make something else), a piece of elastic and some soid coordinating fabric for the lining. Let me know what you think!

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  1. It looks really cute! How did you make your ruffles? My fav new way is to gently tug the top thread (you know up where the spool goes) about every 3-4 stitches as I sew. It gathers up nice and evenly :) and no threads to pull afterward! Elastic thread is also an easy way to ruffle (just put the elastic thread in your bobbin and sew away!). Can't wait to see what you come up with next!