Friday, July 20, 2012

syof group custom list!

july is almost over and i'm going to start taking syof group customs again :)  this time i am going to do things a little different.  so that EVERYONE can get a chance i'm going to allow mix up the rules a little.

1. you may only join 1 fabric group 
2.  your syof fabric group may consist of 3-15 people
3.  have your groups ready by august 1 with ALL information filled out in a google doc with the headers in this order

name/pp address/color of velour/fold over rise snaps (yes or no)/serged or turned/ regular, classic, nb

4.  everyone MUST have the same color snaps.  you may choose main snap color (the wings and hidden snaps) and a secondary color (the fold over rise and the crossover snaps)  or just 1 it is up to you.   i have nearly every color here is a KAM link to access the COLOR CARD

5.  velour colors:  you name it i probably have it.  they are not listed in photo but if you give me a general idea i will match it up.  i have nearly 30 different colors!

how will it work?  well everyone will be put on a list and i will work my way down.  on august 1 at noon EST i will open up sign up and then close it at promptly at 2pm EST.  it will be a form to fill out just a team name/group leader, you will then need to email me your completed spreadsheet by 2pm as well.  i will work through the list to make sure that everyone's information has been submitted correctly.  if it has not your group will not be able to move forward.  

after all the information is sorted out i will put all the groups names into the list randomizer and come up with an order.  i don't expect it to be a fast process to get through them all but i want to start accommodating all groups.  depending on how many groups sign up it could be anywhere from 3-4mo to get through the whole list.  

how do you pay and when to ship fabric?  2weeks before i am ready to take your group i will send the group leader an email with your teams link to purchase and give you the go ahead to ship me your fabric.  from there you can expect your diaper to take 3-4weeks depending on how long your fabric takes to get to me.  

how much fabric do we need?  
estimates of how many diapers i can get per yard:

Some knits are wider than others  so for these numbers to work the fabric must be around 54in wide {a woven is appx 45in wide before prewashing}.  all excess fabric becomes property of tangerinebaby.  

  • Woven {NON directional} 3 diapers per yard
  • Woven {directional: meaning the print can only go 1 way} 2 diapers per yard
  • Knit {NON directional} 4 diapers per yard
  • Knit {directional: meaning the print can only go 1 way} 3 diapers per yard

if you have any questions feel free to pm me or tag me on facebook or send me an email to 


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