Sunday, February 28, 2010


i'm going to be honest....these were a huge pain for me to make! i have been wanting to create my own because i knew it would be cost effective and heck...i can sew! but man were these tedious. sewing with knits is much more difficult to do and me and my serger just don't see eye to eye very often so these took me a few weeks to make! i haven't put snaps on them yet but i think they are working fantastic with the snappi so i may not hassle with it :)

the construction of them is as follows:
inner: velour (bamboo (obv) $8yd or cotton (cv) $5yd)
hidden layer: bamboo sweatshirt fleece $8yd
outer layer: super cute knit print (no more than $3yd...most bought super cheap from goodmama's discontinued fabrics or repurposed fabrics i already had)
snap-in soaker: 2 sets serged of: 1layer velour/2 layers regular fleece (all bought as remenents super cheap for about a $1yd)

for the pattern i used the rita rump pocket
the only changes i made were extending the middle by and 1.5inches for a longer rise and i made the wings a bit fatter...(i actually deconstructed one of my well loved goodmamas (gm) for snap placement)

overall i would say that i am very happy with the outcome though...they are extremely absorbant and trim!

here are some pics...

L to R: cv inside and out/ paint with water knit and obv/ natural beauty with cv/ super cheap walmart knit with cv/ one of my favorite old tshirts with cv
pollock knit with obv/cv
sugar skulls obv/cv...i actually have another one of these...i just love this fabric...i heart pirates!
this is like a towel fabric bought from gm...these ones are extra absorbant!
oil slick fabric obv/cv: i actually traded the rest of this fabric for some really cute diaper cuts so i need to make some more eventually!

repurposed victoria secret pj pants! the softest fabric ever :)

the whole stash...minus a couple because we were using them!